The West Country

The West Country part of the site is for information regarding the ancestry of my Paternal Grandmother Kathleen Vivienne Rose (1921-2001), whose brief tree to her Grandparents is shown below.

ROSE – The Rose family I have traced back to Hinton Charterhouse and Freshford in Somerset to the family of James Rose (1798-) and Jane Kentall (1795-) in Freshford.  Hopefully over time this family will be traced back further.

HIGGS – The Higgs family goes back to the first half of the 18th century to a William and Sarah Higgs.  Many of the male members of this family worked as Stone Masons.  One person of interest is Thomas Higgs (1830-1905), my 2 * Great Grandfather who was blind, the circumstances regarding this are not 100% clear, and whether he was blind from birth or via an accident as one story suggests is up for discussion.  Despite this disability though  he married and had children (his wife was considerably younger) and also appears to have had a successful career as a Basket Maker, a skill he would have learned during his time at the Bristol Blind Asylum.

JONES – One of those dreaded surnames to research, and not suprisingly very difficult.  So far I know of an Emily Jones (c1851-) but tracking down her birth is not easy.  So far I have one incorrect certificate and I have a couple more to order when I get the time to look into her family further.

PARSONS – The Parsons family were from Pewsey, Wiltshire and my 2 * Great Grandmother Charlotte Parsons (1860-1942) married Thomas Higgs mentioned above.  In this family there are lots of puzzles that still need to be worked out.  One big puzzle is her father James who one every piece of documentation I have appears to have a different occupation and living in a different part of the country. What was he really up to?  Another is how did Charlotte end up marrying Thomas? They did not live near each other and he was 30 years older, seems an odd match!!!

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