Local Villages

In the course of tracing the GOODYEAR family in St Mary Bourne as part of my Great Great Grandmother Adelaide Goodyear’s family history I discovered that the families in St Mary Bourne were so inter-linked that to do so would mean basically looking into the history of all the families in the village.  In order to do so I ordered a full set of parish records which are now over 50% transcribed and I add everyone to the Southern England tree that I can connect.  Eventually I will no doubt have added the majority of the records!!!

This lead me to the conclusion that this village is rather important in my family history and as such I am interested in everything about village life, the people and the events that occured.  If anyone can assist with information about life in the past in St Mary Bourne I would very much like to hear from them, even the smallest detail can be helpful and it doesn’t even need to be about individuals as all information helps to build a picture of life in the village.

Other villages of interest to me are nearby Hurstbourne Tarrant, Vernham Dean and the town of Andover.  For all of these I have over the last few years managed to gather a nice collection of books both old and new which help with finding out more about them in the past.

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