Southern England

The Southern England part of the site is for information regarding the ancestry of my Paternal Grandfather Robert John Bevis (1924-1982), whose brief tree to his Grandparents is shown below.

Next for a bit about the four family names you can see on this tree.

  • BEVIS – my maiden name and unfortunately not an easy branch to trace.  Although common in Hampshire the trail of my line goes cold in Linkenholt, Hampshire.  I have managed to trace back to my 6 * Great Grandfather William Bevis who married Elizabeth Annetts in 1784 but after that nothing due to a lack of parish records.  A key person of interest in this family is my 3 * Great Grandmother Mary Bevis (1842-1918), she was illegitimate and also her son my 2 * Great Grandfather George Bevis (1862-1928) was illegitimate (although for both I do know who the father’s were, which is rather unusual).  The reason for my interest in these people were because they were both born in the Andover Workhouse, and Mary at a time just a few years before the Andover Workhouse Scandal.
  • GOLDING – with regards to the Golding family I have traced it back to the first half of the 17th Century in Andover to a William & Lydia Golding, and I suspect they have been here for a number of decades longer.  I have found a few references to Golding’s in various books one of which is “Andover 950-1974, by John Spaul” who mentions “1571, Thomas Goldinge, Tax collector for Enham Bridge“.
  • GOODYEAR – the Goodyear family are a large family found in St Mary Bourne from 1746 and their surname at this point is recorded in the parish registers as Gouger.  Even now in 2011 there are still Goodyears in the village.  Researching the ancestry of my 2 *Great Grandmother Adelaide Goodyear (1864-1943) has not always been easy as although it is mostly in one place, their are many individuals with the same firstnames often born close together, plus as was common in small villages the families inter-marry often and I have had to be very careful not to duplicate people.  However, I can take this family back before 1746, via Highclere and finally to Basingstoke where a Richard Goodger was baptised in 1672.
  • WELLS – the Wells family seem to go back to Newbury, Berkshire, at present I have not been able to get this family back past 1807 which is the approximate date my 4 * Great Grandfather William Wells was born.
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