Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland part of the site is for information regarding the ancestry of my Maternal Grandfather William Canning (1927-1997) whose brief tree to his Grandparents is shown below.

CANNING – little is known about the Canning family, who are sometimes found under the name Cannon.  The tree goes back from William Canning (1927-1997) to his Great Grandfather also called William Canning.

MORNIN – the ancestry of the Mornin family is the most extensive on this part of my family, much work was done on this line by my Grandfather and others in the 1970s, this has now been updated and checked.  This line goes back to Adam Mornin of Aird (c1715-1783) who story is told by William Hamilton in his book “Letters concerning the northern coast of Antrim”.  Also it is worth mentioning that this branch is the one which has spread out most around the world.

STEWART – the ancestry of the Stewart family is unknown apart from the fact that Margaret Stewart’s (c1845-) father was called William.

NICHOL – the ancestry of the Nichol family is unknown apart from the fact that Margaret Nichol’s (1859-1908) father was called William.

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