My Research

For a number of years now I have been looking into my family history, initially like most people this was the gathering of name, dates and places.  This information soon mounted up and along the way I made connections with many distant cousins who were able to help me and I help them.

During this gathering process I made mistakes, forgot to make a note of sources etc, and when I returned to study back in 2008 this became clear to me and since then I have slowly been ensuring that I add all the missing sources to my data, and double checking everything I have.  With over 4000 people currently in the tree this is no small task, and also as I use Family Historian 4 along with Ancestral Sources as my genealogy program this means everything is added manually rather than linked as in Family Tree Maker, but after having tried a number of genealogy packages I am finally happy.

I have also gathered over the last few years various documentation from archives to aid in building up a picture of my ancestors lives, some of this is easy to transcribe and has been done so but other documents are more complicated and harder to read so are gradually being done over time.

Anyway, check out the sub-pages to find out more about the four areas of my research and the families involved, and please follow my blog for the latest updates.

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