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Thumbnail photo galleries of my photo’s on Flickr, user JulzFamilyTree.

BEVIS Family of Binley, St Mary Bourne, Hampshire

Robertson’s Jam Factory
Photo’s from the collection of my Grandmother’s Kathleen Vivienne ROSE who worked at the factory during WW2 before joining the ATS.

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  1. Hi I have relatives Cannon not sure if related. did the cannons have any relatives named martin or odonnell?. My father was from fanad head edward martin , his cousin who came to usa was henry cannon but many martins and cannons stayed in fanad. write if you think so.

  2. Hi Mary Martin, my Canning (Cannon) ancestor’s originate in Co. Donegal just outside of Co. Londonderry, as Fanad Head is in Donegal it is possible they are connected. Check out the Canning’s on the family tree you may find something you recognise.

  3. well we had Henry cannon his sister were Mary ad Margaret. They came to USA , I have info on the cannon have to find it.The martin’s my grandfather was Patrick his wife was Mary from north fanad head. My cousin still lives in the house, Ihave been there it is just a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. I will check ut your cannon to see if I find a connection.

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