Have you heard of “Lives of the First World War”

Yesterday in my Facebook news feed appeared a post that someone else had liked on a page “Lives of the First World War“.  This caught my eye so I had a look, this page is part of a project by the Imperial War Museum to tell the stories of the men and women involved in the First World War.  More details are available on their website http://www.livesofthefirstworldwar.org/.

This page and website made me think what about the men in my tree that I have found associated with the military during the First World War, can I help to tell their tales as part of this amazing project. Unfortunately I will be of no help with the women as to date I have no knowledge of what the women may have done during this war.

Firstly, I will look at my Great Grandfather Herbert Charles BEVIS and see how much of a biography I can write for him using the various sources I have which include some wonderful photographs of him from a toddler to old age and most importantly for this project in uniform during the war.  Pretty sure I even have one or two of me with him as a young child.  Herbert was in fact the only one of my Great Grandfather’s I ever knew as the others had passed away before I was born.

There are many men in the tree that are linked to this war, some a close relation like Herbert others very distant, but all their stories deserve to be told.  If you know of someone on the tree whether male or female that was involved in someway during the First World War, please do get in contact. It would be fantastic to start now to gain more information that we can share with this project when it opens up fully.  Our contributions will all help to celebrate the lives of all involved, and contributions by others may also help us to find out more about those on our trees.  After all these where real people and not just names, dates and places on our trees.  Bringing their lives into context makes them real and more interesting, regardless of who or what they were.


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