A New Year – Decisions to be made on my organisation of my Family Tree

Well here we are in 2013 and yet again over the Xmas period I found myself with enough downtime to consider organisation!!!  But this year it was different I wasn’t considering the paperwork that I have gathered over the years and how to file it but whether I truly need it.  In today’s technological world I have everything scanned, backed up to an external hard drive, much of it stored up in the cloud and also synced across my desktop and my laptop.  So my question is do I really need to keep the reams of paper I have printed out over the years either at home or on my many trips to the Record Offices.

At present the storage of such papers takes up an awful lot of space, it has also had to move with me 3 times since 2006.  House sizes vary, finding room to store it in an accessible place is not always easy.  So here I am seriously considering the idea of getting rid and relying on the digital copies (with the exception of original photo’s of course).

Another thing I set up a few years ago was a card index, this at the time was great sometimes I got a call asking about someone and if I didn’t have my computer on I couldn’t always answer the question easily.  Now I don’t think I even need that, my mobile is all I need to find out more information, today’s mobile phones are basically mini computers I can access nearly all of my family tree information from anywhere as long as I have my phone.

I am fast coming to the conclusion that to continue with the paperwork all I am doing is making more work for myself.  So I do believe the time has come to decide once and for all whether this paperwork is truly needed, and over the next month I will be going through it and making sure only the essential stuff is kept and if it is just copies of parish records etc that they definitely are not kept on paper.

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