First World War Research

After months of being unable to find any time to do research I am now allocating a few hours a week to some research into those who served during the First World War on my tree.  It is amazing how much more information is now available to view, download etc from the comfort of my sofa.  Although I love visiting archives and places I do have to think about how much time I have to spare at the moment, so the availability of so much on the internet is fantastic.

I have been updating the records of one of my Great Grandfather’s and also one of my husband’s Great Grandfather’s on the Lives of the First World War website as part of their beta testing process.  I think over time this site is going to be an amazing resource for those researching ancestors that served in the First World War.

This morning I got to thinking more about this site, and how yesterday I downloaded two war diaries for the 1st Battalion Hampshire Regiment.  During the month the person I was researching died there were five other deaths, it got me thinking maybe I should also use this source to update their records on the Lives of the First World War website.  A quick search on the Commonwealth War Graves site gave me the names of the other five.  Although these people are of no specific interest it would make sense to update their records using the source I had taken time to transcribe and also purchased to use.

Well that it for me today, time to go and carry on transcribing the downloaded war diaries.  Such a great resource to add some detail to the lives of those who served.

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