What’s been happening, since last post?

Oh dear I have been very bad about adding things to the blog, something I hope to rectify. Since my last post just over a year ago I have been busy.  So what have I been up to with regards to my Family History.

  1. Shortly after my last post I went to a family history fair at which I got chatting to the Institute of Heraldic & Genealogical Studies (IHGS), chatting away with my friend as you do and I tell them I was part way through my course but with one thing and another over the last few years had stopped doing it. After giving them my email address a few days later I had an email confirming I was welcome to carry on with it. So now back to studying Genealogy again which is fantastic as in the process of working through most lectures you learn more about your own family.
  2. I found a couple of errors in the tree, got fed up with not being able to use offline software so decided to start again. Currently the tree attached to the site is using webtrees this will be leaving the site soon and replaced with a tree created offline first using Family Historian and then uploaded to TNG (The next generation of genealogy site building). Not as full as the old site yet, but that will come.
  3. I received my first DNA kit for Christmas woohoo I was so excited. This kit was from 23andme so after spitting in a pot I sent it off and spent the following weeks constantly checking for my results. Took about 2 months and then they finally arrived. Ethnicity wise pretty much as I expected and no particularly close matches but hey you got to get yourself into the system and matches will come. Since then more family members have taken DNA tests there and currently waiting on more results back including that of my 95 year old Great Aunt whose DNA I hope will help link up more of my Irish Ancestry. My only disappointment is the lack of replies when you do contact someone and hear nothing back.
  4. The return of the search of the Irish Ancestors, back in the mid-2000s myself and others were looking at the MORNIN(G) family, we had little to go on records wise at that point. One researcher hired professionals we got some info, I had a family tree for this branch my maternal grandfather had put together in the 1970s with the help of a distant cousin in the US. Now we have two of the three distinct branches linked together thanks to DNA tests. Plus in addition new cousins found me and I found more new cousins too including the daughters of the cousin that was working with my grandfather in the 1970s.
  5. Amazon Prime Day came along and the Ancestry DNA kits were a very good price so I just had to order one, and the excitement of DNA testing started again. This time the service was very fast with my results coming back in a couple of weeks. Still getting to grips with Ancestry DNA was very disappointed in the lack of chromosome browser but that can be overcome if people use other platforms like Gedmatch and MyHeritage. Having only contacted a couple of people via there so far the results have been brilliant, I have linked up another Irish branch which is great as the lack of a paper trail means looking at other ways to connect the dots. On my paternal line it has been great to be able to confirm the paper trail on a couple of branches and find new cousins around the world.

So that’t it really, nothing else much to say at present. I will endeavour to write more posts with probably an update on the Irish branch next and how the DNA testing has helped.


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