1st Hampshire Regiment, October 1914 – France to Belgium

Since the last post the men have now moved off on night marches towards Belgium, this continued from the 6th – 15th October.  On the 15th the Hants were ordered to take NIEPPE, fighting occurred here in which the men of St Mary Bourne would have taken part.  After clearing the enemy from NIEPPE they eventually moved on to ARMIENTIERES and from here to the PLOEGSTEERT area in which they were moved about relieving other regiments and also digging trenches.  It was the PLOEGSTEERT area that the men would spend the next few months and that some of the major battles of the Great War occurred.

The worst day for the regiment seems to have been the 31st October the report of the day from the war diaries is below.

Our position was again incessantly bombarded from dawn till 4pm. The enemy attacked and succeeded in gaining a trench occupied by the No. 10 Platoon (C. Coy). This platoon held out against vastly superior numbers, but eventually were overpowered and only one man an orderly who was sent back – remaining alive in this platoon. (1st Battalion Hampshire Regiment – War Diary (1914) – WO 95/1495/1)


Sad news for the men of St Mary Bourne in the regiment occurred during the month of October 1914 as on the 3rd October 1914 Frederick George DAY went missing.  This news took some time to reach his family in St Mary Bourne, who appear to have not found out until late November.  The news of the sad event is reported in the Andover Advertiser of 4th December 1915, below.


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