The GOODYEAR family of St Mary Bourne – Part 3

Last Updated: 28th July 2014

NOTE: Information is likely to be updated as I continue work on the tree.  Please see image dates and last updated date. 

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Part 3 shows the descendants of John GOODYEAR (1717-1778) and covers the descendants of his two oldest sons John & Thomas, until around about the turn of the 20th Century (pages 10-16) .  For page 1 of the tree go to  The GOODYEAR family of St Mary Bourne Part 1, for pages 2-9 go to Part 2.

Page 9 – John GOODYEAR and ROSE Hamlin settled in St Mary Bourne after their wedding.  It is possible that John lived in St Mary Bourne prior to his wedding as his father is found in the Overseer’s accounts from 1745, and his father would have had to be legally settled in the village for him to be entitled to poor relief.  See Settlement Certificates/Examinations and Removal Orders (Parish & Poor Law) on the Genguide website.  Their children are the first to have been baptised in the village, and John and Rose are my 6 * great grandparents.  On the 3rd April 1757 John received £1 5s from the overseers for his house rent, he continued to have his rent paid by the overseers most years until 1777.  It would seem from this that John was working but maybe not earning what was deemed the required rate of pay, meaning he couldn’t afford his rent.  Interestingly, despite times clearly being tough, there is no obvious Infant Mortality for his family, other than Stephen it is known that all his children grew to adulthood, what happened to Stephen is unknown.


Page 10 – the family of John GOODYEAR and Ann POORE, as they only had one known child a daughter Hannah, the GOODYEAR name dies out with this branch.


Page 11 – the family of Thomas GOODYEAR and Elizabeth CUMMIN, another large branch of the GOODYEAR tree.  The majority of their descendants on this tree go on to have their own families and their grandson Harvey migrated to the Heston, Middlesex area and spread the GOODYEAR name further afield.  One interesting person on this tree is Eliza GOODYEAR, wife of William SIMS and mother of John and Daniel of the St Mary Bourne Swing Riots fame.


Page 12 – the family of Levi GOODYEAR and Grace TRUMAN, moved to Goodworth Clatford but the GOODYEAR name seems to have ended on this branch there.


Page 13 – the family of Charles GOODYEAR and Hester PAGE, a lot of migration on this branch, plus integration with other branches in the form of Mary Wells the daughter of Sarah GOODYEAR (1803-).


Page 14 – the family of Jesse GOODYEAR and Ann EYERS, this branch generally stayed local and one person Frederick John GOODYEAR (1887-1967) married my great great Aunt Mary Ellen BEVIS.


Page 15 – the family of Henry GOODYEAR and Jane MASON, despite some movement around the country for son Henry he did return after marrying in Nottinghamshire.


Page 16 – the family of John GOODYEAR and Ann EYERS, the name dies out with this branch despite having two sons, one died as an infant and James GOODYEAR most likely died whilst on Active Service with the 67th Regiment of Foot (South Hampshires) in the Second Anglo-Afghan War more on James will follow in a separate post.


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