The ALDERMAN family

Currently tracing the ALDERMAN family from John ALDERMAN who married Susanna  OATES in Linkenholt, Hampshire on 10th June 1695, down.  My nearest connection to this family is via my 4*Great Grandmother Elizabeth BEVIS (1820-1894) who married Thomas ALDERMAN (1810-1888), a few other connections also come up in the tree too.

There is one big complication with tracing this family and that is the fact that they are often recorded with an ‘alias’, you often see this in parish records as “name 1 ALIAS name 2” for the ALDERMAN’s their alias was ANNETTS/ANETTS/ANNETS/ANNATS and no doubt more variations occur.

Complications like this give one a dilema “How do you record this?”, my personal choice is by using the later name in this case ALDERMAN and also adding an ‘also known as’ in this case the variation(s) of ANNETTS used in the different records.  This is further complicated when one branch going down uses the secondary surname as then at some point you need to reverse the primary surname.

Anyway, to find out more about this family please see the family tree.

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