About Me

Julie MuirheadHi, my name is Julie Muirhead and I was born in Andover, Hampshire, England, when I was eight years old my maternal Grandfather William Canning gave me my first family tree (which I still have today).  This tree focused on his mother’s ancestry and traced the Mornin family mostly in Northern Ireland but also in the US.  Today I have updated this tree with the help of other Mornin descendants around the world.  This tree sparked my interest in Family History and I have now been researching all branches of my family for a number of years.

Besides my Northern Irish connection my maternal Grandmother’s family is from the North of England and my paternal Grandmother from Bristol.  However, the ancestry of most interest to me (probably because access to records is much easier) is my Hampshire ancestry as I have now traced many branches of my paternal Grandfather’s tree back to the 16th century in the Andover area.

In addition to researching my family history I am also a student and am currently studying for a History Degree with The Open University as well as studying with The Institute of Heraldic Genealogical Studies (IHGS) on their Correspondence Course.

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