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Welcome to my Extended Family Tree, this tree is a combination of my own personal research, and additional information that other genealogical researchers have provided me with over the last few years.  The majority of the people in this tree are for my own ancestors, but there are some branches I have included for other family members that are not directly related to me and also for the village of St Mary Bourne, Hampshire, England where complex relationships have made research difficult at times.


Everyone is welcome to view the historical data on this site (any sources added to people on this site are not visible unless you are a registered user, also the majority of images and documents are only available to registered users) but please note that access to the living information on the tree is strictly restricted to those connected to the families in the tree.  If you are connected to anyone in this tree please register and ensure you tell me your connection and once verified access will be granted subject to compliance with the information in the FAQ.  Similarly if you think you may be connected but are not sure please email me and explain why you think so, I will then endeavour to verify your connection and invite you to register if it is proved.  Please see the FAQ page available from the Help menu for more information.


An important point to raise at present with this tree is that there are little or no sources, or media currently linked to it and the information contained in it is mostly just birth, marriage and death data. This is because when I transferred the data to webtrees I decided I didn't like the way everything transferred and the system run rather slowly after playing with the data I decided it would be better to start again with certain parts of the data and these items I will be re-adding them over the coming months.


If you have any comments or feedback please contact Julie Muirhead.


UPDATE 16th April 2012
Although the majority of data still needs to be added it is worth noting that any individual with their surname recorded in capital letters has had all the data I have added to them as of the latest update date.  

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This family tree was last updated on January 27, 2018.

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November 7, 2011 - 9:50:49 a.m.

All source information for birth certificates and copies of birth certificates in my possession have now been added to the database.

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B000003-BEVIS_RobertJohn.gifRobert John “Bob” BEVIS
Birth: March 28, 1924 24 28Lower Woodcott, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: July 24, 1982Winchester, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
My Paternal Grandfather, the starting point for my research in Southern England.
R000001-ROSE_KathleenVivien.gifKathleen Vivienne “Kath” Rose
Birth: August 21, 1921 35 30Easton, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Death: August 22, 2001Andover, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
My Paternal Grandmother, the starting point for my research in The West Country.
C000002-CANNING_William.gifWilliam Canning
Birth: May 4, 1927 40 32Londonderry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Death: December 8, 1997Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
My Maternal Grandfather, the starting point for my research in Northern Ireland.
I000001-INGHAM_RoseMay.gifRose May INGHAM
Birth: May 1, 1930 37 37Stocksfield, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom
Death: August 9, 1980Longparish, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
My Maternal Grandmother, the starting point for my research in Northern England.